our story

koufonisia islands

September 2002 and Anna tries to escape from the world. Selects destination: Koufonisia.

Companion in her trip, her friend Athena.

They arrive at 01:30 in the evening and the island is dark. They leave their things in their room and take a stroll in the village where everything is quiet. No sign of life and Anna wonders where she brought her friend.

Daylight gives another dimension to things. The heavenly beauty of the turquoise sea, the energy that comes from Keros, it is heart warming. And then the journey begins.

They meet almost everyone on the island. They become one big company. They spend hours swimming in the crystal blue waters of Pori enjoying the tranquility of the seabed. The bay itself quite without homes, without buildings, without crowd. A unique desserted beauty. And at night, after good food and ouzo, dancing at Cafe Scholio and Sorokos but mostly drinking margaritas, eating amazing sweets and listening to good music at Kalamia where Nikos does not leave them in peace with his humor.

The island won them, they are magnetized. They are in love with the island now. After nine days they leave and the only thing they are thinking of is when they will be back.

See you next year! They keep their promise and come back in a year. Not the two of them but the four of them!

This is how the whole story began.

The two of them now, Anna and Apostolos leave Greece and spend the next 9 years in London.

They go with the flow by choice. Anna chooses to devote herself to their children and Apostolos works in finance. After a long time, they decide to return to Koufonisia to show this amaning place to their children. In this trip a new opportunity awakens their desire to return! Their moto in life is

“Embrace the change!”

And then....you know. The page turns and the new chapter in their lives ...